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Get Sponsored

Sponsorship is not easy to attain and even harder to keep. You need show skill, determination and an ability to work hard whether you are achieving results or building your next dream race car. Sponsorship is a partnership between you, your Team and the company supplying the product or cash. That company needs to see a return on the investment they make in you and your Team. Still up for the ride?

Before we can say “Yes”, we need to know about you, your Team and why we should be supporting you.

1/ Who are you and who are your Team?

2/ What vehicle do you race and its history?

3/ What time period do you wish this to run, 12, 18, 24 or 36 months?

4/ When do you want it to start and why?

5/ What is your competition schedule for the next 12/24 months?

6/ What is your previous event history. Do you have any records to back up your results?

7/ Have you had any previous press coverage and what is your on going media plan?

8/ What is your current social media presence and social media plan?

9/ What products and support are you looking for?

10/ What makes you stand out from the crowd and a worthy consideration for support?

We are not trying to put you off, but sponsorship is a serious business partnership. It can be obtained via many means including: trust, business proposal, friendship and recommendation being the most common.

Are you one of the few that have what it takes?

Interested then contact us below:

Success! Message received.

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