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Ryan Dunn and Short circuit racing #57

Ryan is full of enthusiasm for racing and never stops in his drive to do just that. Racing a car that he built with his father he has proven to be very fast in the closing events of 2016. He will be working with us throughout 2017 racing Ultra 4 and some winch challenges and is one of the few cars to run two winches in faster events. Using a NEW GP100 on the front and a GP80 series on the rear, there is no hill to steep or descent to insane for this brave lad from Wales

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Car spec:

Motor: Rover 200TDI

Frame: Cross Axle 4x4

Tyres: 285/75/16 Fedima Sirocco

Shocks: 12 and 14 inch fox air shocks set up by Prolinx

Batteries: 2 yellow top optima


Winch spec:

Winch-front: GP100 Standard drum +50%

Winch-rear: GP80 series Standard drum +40%

Motors: Bowmotor 2 12v

Contactors: Gigglepin Albright 12v with PowerBars

Gear set: Gigglepin “SuperShaft”, GP7550, GP7548

Next Race:

14th - 16th July Maxxis Tyres King of Wales, Walters Arena. Modified Class

2017 Race Results:

March. The Welsh Xtrem. 8th place overall. Race Report

May. Maxxis Tyres King of France Ultra 4 Europe. 2nd Place Modified Class Race Report 

Ryan Dunn #57

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