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The latest addition to our team

Engine: CBM LS7 V8 (625BHP)
Gearbox: GM Edge 4L80e 4 speed automatic race transmission controlled with a Holley Dominator ECU Transfer box: Atlas 2 speed race case 1:5 ratio
Chassis / Frame: Miller Pro Chassis
Front Coil-overs - Fox 2” Coil overs with piggy back remotes 
Front Bypass shocks - Fox 2.5” 14” travel with 4x 1” bypass tubes and piggy back remote 
Front Bump stops - Fox 2” with 2” travel 
Rear Coil-overs - Fox 2” Coil overs with standard remotes and dial up rear adjust 
Rear bypass shocks - Fox 3.5” 14” travel with 5x 1” bypass tubes, Gold valve and piggy back remotes. Rear Bump-stops - Fox 2.5” with 4” travel 

Springs: Full-flex and Eibach

Axles & Diffs: Spidertrax latest generation 4”Pro-Series housings fitted with 40 spline shafts on the front and 45 spline in the rear. Tubeworks 10” differentials fitted with spool or ARB RD99CE locking differential centres using 6:1 ratios running high pinion front and rear
Wheels & Tyres: Raceline Monster beadlocks / Maxxis Trepador 40/13.5×17
Cooling: Engine coolant: AlliSport radiator with Spal fans
Engine oil: 2x Gigglepin tubular heat exchangers
Transmission: 2x Laminova coolers Steering: 2x Gigglepin tubular heat exchangers
Winches: Gigglepin GP100 with standard drum, Bowmotor 2 (12v), Pro 150 (12v) solenoids, Hurricane gears, +50% ratios and Motor Brake System (MBS).

Batteries: 2x PC1500 Odyssey Extreme Series

Bad Penny

Leading the European Ultra4 Scene

Engine: GM LS3 6.2L 525bhp
Chassis: Richards Chassis/Gigglepin
Suspension: Fox/Prolinx/Eibach
Axles: Spidertrax/ARB/Gear Works
Tyres: Maxxis Trepador
Wheels: Raceline Monster
Brakes: D&G/Spidertrax
Batteries: 2x PC1500 Odyssey Extreme Series
Lighting: Lazer Lamps
Steering: D&G/Howe TT
Winches: Gigglepin Winch
Seats: Corbeau Sprint Kevlar
Harnesses: Custom LUKE/Gigglepin
Cooling: Allisport

Rod Ends: FK Rod Ends
Compressor: ARB High Output
Gearbox: Quaife Engineering R380
Transfer Box: Rover LT230
Propshafts: Bailey Morris Extreme Series
Oils: Morris Lubricants

Fuel Cell: ATL 120L
Fuel: Bosch 044 fuel pump
Pipes and Fittings: Torques
Air Intake: Allisport/Jim Marsden
Electrics: Aim digital dash/Gigglepin
Dashboard: Terratrip 303/Dell Latitude

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